Moringa Leaf Capsules 425mg




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Moringa Leaf Capsules 425mg 100ct


The Moringa tree is native to India but it also grows in Asia, Africa and in South America. The extract from the leaves is said to have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral and antidepressant properties. It contains many vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

It has a high content of Vitamin B which can help with digestion. It is also said to help relieve stomach symptoms of gastritis and ulcerative colitis. It may also help to relieve constipation.

It is also thought to be helpful for relief of symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and even depression.

It also has high levels of calcium and magnesium that may help maintain good bone health.




  • Made with premium quality Certified Organic Moringa Leaf
  • 425 mg per capsule
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • No additives, fillers, or preservatives
  • Processed, packaged and quality tested in the USA



About Our Capsules

All of our herbs and botanicals are tested for a variety of specifications in our Quality Control Laboratory, including identity and purity, along with a number of other additional tests. We are committed to stringent quality control inspection procedures, and our experienced technicians hand-select only superior quality herbs and botanicals for encapsulation. All steps ensure a premium quality and exceptionally potent herbal dietary supplement.

Taking herbal remedies and supplements in capsule form is an easy and convenient way to get the nutrients one’s body needs. Encapsulated dietary supplements taken regularly in addition to a healthy diet, promote optimum health and well-being.


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