Jasmine Absolute


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Jasmine Absolute- Jasminum grandiflorum

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Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale var. grandflorum) is a very high quality, solvent extracted Jasmine with almost none of the detectable solvent odor that is so evident in lower quality products. The intense, ethereal aroma is heady and floral, with a feel that’s been described as deeply calming and velvety.


Jasmine Absolute has a long history as one of the cornerstones of perfumery and today it is still one of the most highly prized aromas coveted by natural perfumers. Its heavenly fragrance is a bit stronger and more intense than our Jasmine Enfleurage. While aromatherapists prefer our Jasmine Enfleurage for therapeutic applications, many perfumers cherish our Jasmine Absolute because it does have the intensity of a conventional absolute yet contains only minute traces of the solvent residues found in most conventional Absolutes.


Like many of the rich, “heady” flower absolutes, such as Gardenia and Tuberose, Jasmine has historically been claimed to have aphrodisiac and uplifting properties in small amounts and to exert stupefying effects when large amounts are inhaled. These claimed effects, especially aphrodisiac effects, are really what the perfume industry has been based on for thousands of years and have been said to account for the timeless appeal of the rich, deep floral aromas like Jasmine.


USES: Jasmine absolute is an indispensable ingredient for both professional and DIY perfumers. It’s intense and tenacious floral aroma with fruity accents blends well with a large range of other aromatics and it’s widely used in floral and Oriental-type fragrance compositions, where it contributes a strong middle note. Use it as one ingredient in a complex perfume formulation or as a single-note perfume. As a single-note fragrance, Jasmine Absolute makes a beautiful roll-on perfume when mixed to a maximum concentration of 0.7% in jojoba oil or other vegetable oil with little aroma of its own. Jasmine absolute can certainly be used for room fragrancing as well but be aware that inhaling too much jasmine can make you feel almost drugged and “stupefied”. For this reason, if you want to use it as a room fragrance, we think you’ll find it more enjoyable when used in small amounts as one ingredient in a blend.


Key Constituents:

Benzyl acetate

Benzyl benzoate


Squalene 2,3 oxide


Phytyl acetate



Geranyl linalool




(Z)-Methyl jasmonate


Methyl benzoate



Safety Information:

Tisserand and Young (2014) classify Jasmine Absolute as having a “moderate” risk for skin sensitization and recommend a maximum concentration of 0.7% for topical use. This concentration can be achieved by adding no more than 7 drops of Jasmine Absolute to one ounce of perfumers’ alcohol or 1 ounce of vegetable oil. Use cautiously and in lower concentration with people who have any history of sensitivity to fragrances.

Source- Tisserand & Young, Essential Oil Safety 2nd Edition, Churchill Livingstone- November 6, 2013


For more information on Jasmine essential oil and it’s uses please read my blog post.


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