Coconut Oil 76°-Organic




Coconut Oil 76°- Cocos nucifera

Organic Coconut Oil 76° is solid below 76°F and comes in a jar rather than a bottle. It has a slight coconut aroma, is very soothing, and penetrates the skin well. Use Organic Coconut Oil 76° as a base oil (carrier oil) for adding Essential Oils. It works quite well for ‘spot’ massage as well as full body massage. Coconut Oil 76° can also be used alone for massage or body oil.

Products containing Raw Coconut Oil will melt at around 76 degrees (this allows it to melt into your skin). If your Coconut Oil arrives liquid instead of semi-solid, it likely melted during shipping, but do not worry – let it sit in a cool, dark place overnight and it will re-solidify. It’s a good idea to keep your Coconut Oil stored in a cool, dark place to keep it fresh.

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