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Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits

Rosemary essential oil is extracted from the same source as the spice used to flavor dishes. The leaves and flowering tops of this evergreen plant are the source of the essential oil. The essential...

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Petitgrain Essential Oil Benefits

Petitgrain essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and small tender twigs of the Bitter Orange Tree. Although there are several other species of Bitter Orange trees that may be used...

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Patchouli Essential Oil Benefits

Patchouli oil is one of my “essential” essential oils due to the myriad of uses and benefits this amazing oil imparts to us. The uses of Patchouli oil are many and the benefits for...

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Marjoram Essential Oil Benefits

Marjoram and its cousin Oregano are used widely in cooking. Did you also know that the essential oil from Marjoram has many benefits for your health? Marjoram, usually referred to as Sweet Marjoram, has...

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Mandarin Essential Oil Benefits

Mandarin essential oil benefits are similar to the other citrus essential oils due to its similarity of constituents. History Mandarin oranges are considered native to Southeast Asia and the Philippines. In modern times mandarin...

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