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Sweet Orange Oil Benefits

Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly peeled orange? Sweet orange oil benefits range from cleaning to skincare and just plain helping your mood. Sweet orange oil comes from the peel of the...

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Scotch Pine Oil Benefits

In today’s article, I wanted to look at some benefits of Scotch Pine Oil. Scotch pine oil benefits are wide-ranging and include not only the well-known uses for cleaning, but also some interesting uses...

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Sandalwood Benefits

Sandalwood benefits are found everywhere you look. Sandalwood is found in many products you use every day. From skincare products to fragrances to the soap you bath with, many everyday products contain sandalwood. If...

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The Science Behind Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a multi-billion dollar business in the United States alone. When you add the use of essential oils in other countries around the world, the use of essential oils is truly astounding. But...

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Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits

Rosemary essential oil is extracted from the same source as the spice used to flavor dishes. The leaves and flowering tops of this evergreen plant are the source of the essential oil. The essential...

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Petitgrain Essential Oil Benefits

Petitgrain essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and small tender twigs of the Bitter Orange Tree. Although there are several other species of Bitter Orange trees that may be used...

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